Our Values

Our values

Our values have been defined with a large employee involvement through various local workshops.

They represent our core strengths and are a guiding compass towards the realization of our strategy and vision.  5 corporate values define what we stand for at Hugglo:


We care: we champion Hugglo in everything we do.

We work with energy, determination and commitment to be the best in what we do.
We believe that what we do matters: we are proud to make a valuable contribution to the comfort of our customers’ lives, to make a difference to people from every generation.


We deliver on expectations.

We do what we say we will do.
We are trusted to design, produce and deliver high quality products for our customers and consumers and to provide outstanding service.


We each take responsibility for doing the right thing.

We are committed to the highest standard of behavior and ethics for the business as a whole and as individuals.
We treat our customers, suppliers and each other with fairness, honesty and respect

Drive for Results

Only our best is good enough.

We all share a great can-do mentality and we encourage each other in our entrepreneurship.
We recognize that each of us must play our part in making Hugglo an organization with a high-performance culture. 


We work together to achieve our shared goals.

We are one company worldwide, working collaboratively with each other and our customers and suppliers.
Sharing ideas and using our diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences to handle challenging business opportunities makes us a more innovative and successful organization.